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The effectiveness of the predominant execution of a long three-point throw in a game situation in basketball


Purpose: This article examines the results of attacking actions in basketball where long-range three-point throws are mainly used. The aim is to determine the effectiveness of the predominant long-range three-point throw in a game situation in basketball. Methodology: The leading research approaches to the use of long-range three-point throw are: structural-analytical and personality-oriented approaches. Research methods - scientific and methodological literature analysis and summarizing, questionnaires, pedagogical testing, pedagogical experiment and methods of mathematical statistics. Results: As a result of our research, we compared North American and European basketball patterns and statistics for the 2018/19 season and the proposed 2018/19 season in the NBA and Euroleague. The results are given and discussed, proving the effectiveness of the use of long-range three-point throw in basketball in competitive conditions. Applications: The article will be useful for both novice and professional basketball coaches, as an aid in building the training process during the preparation for the competition. Novelty/Originality: The problem under study is relevant, since in the NBA teams spend 8-18 seconds to attack the ring. Defensive formations are not a decisive factor in achieving a winning result. The principle applies: “score more than the opponent”. The use of long-range three-point throws will add variability in the attack, reduce the time to attack, and also add the number of attacks, which contributes to an increase in effectiveness.


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