Eurasian Journal of Biosciences

Survey on medicinal plants in the flora of Al Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia


The present study aims to assess medicinal plants in Al Riyad region comparing with total medicinal plants in Saudi Arabia Kingdom. This may be useful in developing strategies for sustainable use of one of the threatened natural resources in Saudi Arabia. The result revealed that there are 108 specie were recorded, belonging to 36 families and 94 genera. The most dominated families were Asteraceae, Poaceae, Fabaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Boraginaceae, Brassicaceae, Charyophlaceae and Zygophyllaceae. About 97% of the total recorded species have at least one aspect of potential or actual economic uses i.e., 165 species are having medicinal value. This means that this region has a large number of medicinal plants, which needs to be discovered and surveyed. This study confirms on importance of medicinal plants protection because almost of them are rare or endangered species.


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