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Relationship between attitude, motivation, and workload with officers’ performance of finding leprosy patients early


Background: Leprosy is not only a complex issue. This study aimed to identify the impacts of attitude, motivation, and workload on officer performance in finding leprosy patients early. 
Methods: This research was a correlative study with cross-sectional approach. Total sampling was used as the sampling technique. The data were analyzed using frequency distribution and multiple linear regression test. 
Results: The performance of primary healthcare leprosy officers in making early leprosy findings was not good (<20%) due to the weak of attitude about the implementation of leprosy findings (B: 0.206). In addition, because of the weak motivation of the officers responsible for the implementation of leprosy findings, the performance of early leprosy findings was not good ≥20% (B: 0.488). The officers’s performance was not good <20% due to the low workload (B: 0.490).
Conclusion: Workload has the biggest impact compared to motivation and attitude.


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