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Cooley’s anemia, a hereditary blood disorder caused by defective synthesis of hemoglobin β-globin chains, leads to ineffective erythropoiesis and chronic anemia that may require frequent blood transfusions. Delayed anthropometric parameters occur almost invariably in the homozygous form of this disease. This work aims to determine whether there is a link between transforming growth factor-beta1, platelets derived growth factor-AB and their effects on delayed anthropometric parameters in adolescents’ patients with Cooley’s anemia. This was a case-control study, completed over six months at Thalassemia-Center of Babylon province. The study encompassed 163 thalassemic teenagers including 84 males and 79 females. The control group (59 participants; 26 males) were cautiously selected. All anthropometrics were completed for the two groups, including height, weight and BMI calculation (kg/m2). Height and weight-ZScores were calculated and compared to that of WHO’s standards. In conformity to their growth stature; the patients were stratified into three groups: normal-anthropometrics, mild delayed-anthropometrics, and severely-delayed anthropometrics. Blood samples for all participants were taken for biochemical analysis of serum TGF-β1, PDGF and ferritin. A statistically significant difference was found between the studied groups regarding age (p<0.05) and all anthropometric parameters; the patients with the disease were underweight, shorter; while the healthy controls revealed normal parameters. The mean serum ferritin, TGF-β1, and PDGF were significantly (p<0.05) differed among the studied groups. The same was noticed regarding the influence of gender on the distribution of those parameters. However, unlike serum levels of PDGF; both serum levels of ferritin and TGF-β1 were significantly higher in males except in normal thalassemic patients. There were significant differences in all anthropometrics as well as mean serum ferritin levels among the patients collectively and the control (p<0.05), which is not the case for serum levels of both TGF-β1 and PDGF together. Logistic linear regression analysis displays a substantial positive correlation (r=0.61; p<0.05) between TGF-β1 and ferritin, in those with delayed anthropometrics. Such a significant correlation is the same in patients with elevated serum ferritin levels. There was a significant negative correlation (r=-0.38; p<0.05) between ferritin and PDGF among those with delayed anthropometrics. Furthermore, all anthropometrics were significantly correlated (p<0.05) with serum levels of ferritin and TGF-β1 together in those with delayed anthropometrics. Finally, both ‘‘height and weight-ZScores’’ in the patients and those with normal anthropometrics and controls were correlated to PDGF values (p<0.05). Our study showing a higher level of serum TGF-β1 but not PDGF-AB in CoAn patients. Paradoxical positive significant correlation of TGF-β1 vis ferritin accompanied by negative significant correlation of PDFG-AB vis ferritin. Nevertheless, additional works are essential to ‘‘shedding a light’’ on the detailed causal-effect of both TGF-β1 PDGF-AB on the DAP parameters in CoAn.


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