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Participation level of agricultural employees in the preparation and implementation of agricultural extension programs in the agricultural divisions which associated with the Agriculture Directorate of Nineveh Governorate, Iraq


This research aims at determining agricultural employers in preparing and executing agricultural guidance programs in agricultural units (divisions) of Nineveh agricultural administration in general, as well as the correlation between the participation of agricultural employee in preparing and implementing agricultural programs and their independent variables. The results showed a moderate participation of agricultural workers in preparing and carrying out agricultural guidance programs and as will as the results showed significant correlation between the employees participation and following independent variables, (age, academic achievement, desire to agricultural extension, years of work in agricultural sector), also the results showed that the following items came first for agricultural guidance programs (participate in preparing the necessary activities to realize set goals, participate in putting plans of agricultural guidance programs, and participate in carrying out agricultural guidance programs). The researchers recommend enhancing agricultural workers in agriculture division in preparing and executing agricultural guidance programs through training.


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