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This article is concerned with the justification of the developed methodological approaches to the evaluation of the economic rationality criterion in business design, which is applicable to any organization. An important aspect in the methodology under consideration is the formation of sound intersectoral relations. According to the authors, a complete, objective and reliable evaluation of the effectiveness of the establishment of the intersectoral relations occurring in any area of production activity is an option for solution of the problem under consideration. Not one, but a system of indicators ensuring the reliability of the conclusions drawn should be applied to evaluate production efficiency. The system of indicators makes it possible to specify the leading criterion of efficiency, to present a generalized quantitative and qualitative characteristic of the economic processes taking place in the industry. This justifies the choice of the economic rationality criterion, which is objective and universal in nature, can be easily interpreted and makes it possible to adequately assess the status of business design in an organization, not only at the current time, but also for the future.


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