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Identification of Mandibular Cortical Index (MCI) in chronic periodontitis patients
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Eurasian Journal of Biosciences, 2020 - Volume 14 Issue 2, pp. 3201-3205
  • Published Online: 20 Sep 2020
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Background: Chronic periodontitis is a disease of periodontal tissue involving periodontopathogenic bacteria and causes periodontal tissue damage. The tissue damage is caused by pathological bone resorption that indirectly affect the degree of cortical mandibular erosion bone. Resorption process that already reach hard tissue can be observed with dental radiograph, such as panoramic radiography. Assessing the degree of erosion on panoramic radiography, multiple qualitative and quantitative panoramic indices can be used. One of them use Mandibular Cortical Index (MCI).
Purpose: To identify MCI in chronic periodontitis patients as a beginning screening to predict the degree pf cortical mandibular erosion bone.
Method: Observation was conducted on 49 sample that was diagnosed with chronic periodontitis, have no systemic disease, and did not have any bone lesions. Sample was classified into three categories, which was C1 type (normal cortex), C2 type (moderately eroded cortex), and C3 type (severely eroded cortex). Data were statistically analyzed with Friedman test in order to test the differences among the researchers.
Results: Based on the results of the study, the percentage of C1, C2, and C3 types obtained in patients with chronic periodontitis were; 34.7%, 59.2%, 6.1%. The MCI category in most chronic periodontitis patients was type C2 (moderate erosion cortex) then was followed by type C1 (normal cortex), and C3 (porous cortex).
Conclusion: The use of MCI become the consideration for dentists to predict the bone condition of chronic periodontitis patients as a beginning screening thus it can determine the treatment steps for the next periodontal.


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