Eurasian Journal of Biosciences

Evaluate the effect of periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics on gingivae and alveolar bone: a systematic review and meta‐analysis


Background and aim: the aim of present systematic review and meta-analysis was evaluate the effect of periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics on gingival and alveolar bone.
Method: From the electronic databases, PubMed, Cochrane Library, Embase, ISI have been used to perform a systematic literature between 2010 and 2020. Therefore, a software program (Endnote X8) has been utilized for managing the electronic titles. Searches were performed with mesh terms. Mean differences between two groups (PAOO group vs control group) with 95% confidence interval (CI), fixed effect model and Inverse-variance method were calculated. The Meta analysis and forest plots have been evaluated with the use of a software program Stata V16.
Result: A total of 360 potentially relevant titles and abstracts were found during the electronic and manual search. Finally, a total of four publications fulfilled the inclusion criteria required for this systematic review. Mean difference in Alveolar bone thickness between the PAOO and control group was 0.07mm (MD, 0.07mm 95% CI -0.39mm, 0.53mm. P= 0.76) and mean difference in GR between the PAOO and control group was 0.03mm (MD, 0.03mm 95% CI -0.05mm, 0.11mm. P= 0.49).
Conclusion: Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics had no negative effect on alveolar bone and gingival recession.




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