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The relevance of the research topic lies in the emergence and rapid spread of advertising communication new channels with the target audience. One of these advertising platforms is modern audio blogs called podcasts. The aim of the study is to develop a scientifically based methodological approach to assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on a communication channel - podcasts. During the research, the authors of the article used methods of quantitative and qualitative assessment, comparative and factor analysis, analysis and synthesis, grouping and comparison, when formulating conclusions based on the research results - the method of logical generalization. The use of these scientific methods and approaches in a complex allowed us to determine the meaningful essence of service organizations activities to create podcasts as a promising means of advertising. The authors of the article identified the advantages and disadvantages of service organizations advertising in podcasts, analyzed the target audience of the communication channel, highlighted the types of advertising placed by service organizations on podcasts, analyzed platforms for its placement, and summarized and systematized indicators that can be used to evaluate the advertising effectiveness on podcasts, depending on the placement on various hosting. Article submissions can be of interest to the service and other organizations planning advertising campaigns using audio blogs (podcasts).


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